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South West Shadows is a membership club, the player/members pay the fees with all guests and visitors coming along free of charge, we are first and foremost a players club. The Hotel has reasonably priced meals and room facilities (perhaps for visiting family or friends), and tea/coffee is available at a concessionary price. For your first meeting you will be our guest and there is no obligation to join or pay, we will explain more when you come along.


The current annual membership fee is £20.00, plus a play fee of £6.00 for every official “Club Meeting” you attend and play (there is no fee if you don’t play), if you initially join half way through the year the annual fee reduces to £10.00.


We run on a non-profit making basis, with the sole purpose of covering our operational costs.


Club Membership offers the following key benefits:

The reasonable size venue room(s) are for our exclusive use during meetings, which means we can be more focused on providing a member friendly experience in comfortable surroundings (the club currently meets at the Exeter Court Hotel - which has served us very well for many years).


We seek to achieve a great atmosphere, where enjoyment and a real sense of community for our members is high on our priorities.


Junior members are welcome, but please note that persons aged 16 or younger must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times at club meetings/functions.


A Club Constitution sets out our practice, principals and objectives, with a view to providing a club that will continue to serve its members well and provide a legacy for future members.  All accounts are documented; an overview summary is for open for inspection at every meeting.


The club has an ”Entertainers Liability Cover” insurance to provide reasonable protection for third parties claiming against members or the club that may not be covered under any other policy (members are required to sign a personal disclaimer). We observe a “Health and Safety Policy” which seeks to establish good practice and ensure the safety of our members and guests.


Equipment owned by the club is annually PAT tested.


A socially extended experience where members have opportunities to get together between meetings to play, share techniques and enjoy the music in relaxed comfort with fellow enthusiasts.


To enquire about joining, please fill in the from on the contact page.


South West Shadows Club reserves rights to Membership and Attendance.

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