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Exeter, Devon, England

About The Club:

Founded by a group of guitar enthusiasts in 2004, the club was formed to enjoy a common interest and appreciation of playing music in the style of “Hank Marvin and the Shadows”.  Initially members played to backing tracks, now members have a mixed choice of playing to backing tracks or with the Club Band (subject to Band members being available).

These days we also play 50s/60s style music and “Rock & Roll” so there is something for everyone who enjoys that genre of music. We are more than pleased to welcome family and friends along to provide positive support.

Our membership includes Lead/Rhythm/Bass Guitarists, Drummer, Keyboard Players and Vocalists.

Funds raised by Members and supporters have enabled general equipment to be purchased by the club to compliment the playing experience. The club currently owns a Yamaha Stagepas 500 compact PA system, Hall & Collins Signature Echo unit, CD/Mini-Disk Players, a VOX AC3O, a Vox MV50, Hartke Kickback 15 Bass Amp, Behringer audio mixer, microphones, stage monitors, lighting, leads and other equipment.

Members generously allow the use of their own equipment to compliment the line up, most players can simply bring along their chosen musical instrument and join in the fun, experiencing the type of equipment that is appropriate to the musical genre. Followers of “The Shadows” would know this a “That Sound”, which is still a very much sought after and a debated combination of distinctive tone and effects.

Subject to practical constraints and limitations, the club provides for players of all levels from beginners to professional performers, a good atmosphere attracts those who would not normally venture beyond playing at home or perhaps lack the confidence to play in public. There is an opportunity for all to expand their playing skills, gaining the practical experience of a small club audience and the potential to perform at local events.

Today the club provides a community experience, with members interacting both within and outside the club socially. There are opportunities to take part ¡n Band practice and attend 50/60s Shadows music themed events. Many of our members meet up to discuss and exchange technical information, setting up of equipment, playing techniques and other expertise. New players are encouraged to learn and develop their skills with friendly people who will help, advise and encourage. Personal improvement, motivation and achievement is always high on the agenda for that all important next meeting.

The club also participates and enjoys support from the general Shadows community, with guest visitors who have contributed much to what we do.

There have also been a prominent number of people within the Shadows scene who have visited and performed at the club.


Club Secretary:  Adrian Newson

Treasurer:  Helen Welch

Band Leader: Martyn Welch

Sound Desk Co-ordinator & Webmaster:  Duncan MacGregor